A Picture's Worth 1000 Johnnies is the second part of the 107th episode and the 214th episode over all. It first premiered on January 8, 2014.

"A Picture's Worth 1000 Johnnies"
Season 6, Episode 16b
A picture's worth 1000 Johnnies
United States Airdate: January 8, 2014
Invention(s) Featured: Artificial Intelligent Robotic Carousel Horses
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In the living room, Johnny and Dukey are play video games, and Dad walks in sadly holding an envelope. Johnny asks if the package came, and Dad confims it. Johnny calls the rest of the family in the kitchen to see the family picture in the envelope, and they walk in estatically. Johnny states that family photo will a better replacement than the "creepy old dude" picture. Mom scold Johnny about his great-great-grandfather's photo, but agrees and takes the picture down. Johnny opens the envelope and shows his family the photo. Dad starts cringing, but Mom tries to reassure him that the picture was not that bad.


The Test Family enters the Porkbelly Mall. They all walking in wearing matching white sweaters, but Dukey and Johnny keep itching their sweaters. Dad is excited, but the twin sisters are reluctant to take the photo. Dad mentions that they have to because every year when they take a photo something always goes wrong, but not this year. Whilst talking, he accidentally steps in a cleaning bucket, restates that nothing else will go wrong starting as of that moment. The family walks in the mall's photo shop, Dad tells clerk they are ready for their 1:00 appointment. The cashier says they are mistaken, and that their appointment is at 1:30. Johnny complains that they have to wait thirty minutes, and he and Dukey head to the arcade. Dad stops them, and tells them nobody is leaving the shop until the photo is taken. Johnny objects but then he and Dukey keeps scratching their sweaters. Susan and Mary want to go the mall carousel where Gil Nexdor works at. Mom tries to convince him to let them browse the mall, saying she could need a snack for herself. Dad agrees, but tells them they must be at the shop for the photo in thirty minutes, and they all dashed beofre his eyes. Johnny and Dukey run to the arcade, Johnny saying when they get there he will be his high score on 'Revenge of the Black Knight's Revenge'.

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"Oh my gosh! , this is bad!" – Dukey

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  • This is the first episode aired in 2014.
  • This is a reference of A Picture's Worth 1000 Words.
  • This is the first episode the Test family is seen away from the house for the most of it and to be seen in a flashback for the majority of it.
  • The old man in the picture is revealed to be an ancestor.



and you’re right he really is creepy


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