"A Scholarship for Johnny"
Season 4, Episode 24b
A Scholarship for Johnny1111
United States Airdate: November 8, 2010
Invention(s) Featured: The Plasmatic Arm
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Hugh wants to train Johnny to be good at sports so that he can get a sports scholarship to college.

Full Summary

This episode starts of with Hugh having a dream about college being really expensive, and doesn't want to pay. In the morning, Johnny wants to goof off and make messes, only to find Hugh making him do sports to get so good at them that he could earn a scholarship. He makes him do various sports, with Johnny having no talent in any of them, which whatever happens, Hugh's house gets ruined a little or a lot. In the end, Johnny find out his true sport, which is Curling, an ability that Johnny got from Hugh. The Coach gives a scholarship to Johnny and the Test Sister's new invention, a electric black head. Johnny's Mom then mentions how Johnny is not going to college yet, to find the coach saying they will wait.


  • Lila apparently has a new kitchen in this episode.
  • The sports that Johnny is forced to try are Baseball, Football, Track, and Lacrosse.
  • Running Gag: Various objects hitting the Test's house.
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