Powers and abilities Immune to tickling
Gender male
Age unknown
Hair Color grey
Eye Color blue
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Aliases butler
Personality {{{Personality}}}
Friends Mr. Mittens, Brain Freezer, Wacko, The Beekeeper, Zizrar
Enemies Johnny and Dukey (sometimes)
Alignment Good
Love Interest Unknown
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Family Mr. Mittens (Master)
Pets unknown
First Appearance 00- Johnny
Voiced by Lee Tockar

Albert is Mr. Mittens' butler. Albert doesn't seem to have resentment against Johnny, but he was forced into joining the Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5 because he has to take care of Mr. Mittens all the time. He actually hates his job and considered quitting. He's admitted that he's only doing his job because of the benefits.


  • Johnny: Although he doesn't hate Johnny, he is forced to go against him.For Albert, being a butler is the worst.
  • Mr. Mittens: As his butler, Albert has to help out Mr. Mittens when he is in trouble.
  • Susan and Mary: Like Johnny, Albert most likely doesn't hate the Twins, but is forced to go against them.
  • Hugh: Although they only interacted in the episode Tom and Johnny, Albert helped out Hugh when he fell. When both of them are stunned at the end, Albert exclaims "Once I'm unstunned, I'm quitting", which Hugh replies "Good for you Albert".


  • Despite being a butler, Albert isn't seen much wearing a suit that most butlers wear.
  • His female counterpart is named Alberta. She was only seen in Johnny Alternative.
  • He is immune to tickling, as seen in Johnny vs. The Tickler.



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