Blast Ketchup

Blast Ketchup (voiced by Kathleen Barr) is a minor character in Johnny Test series who first appeared in Johnny'mon and he appears again in Return of Johnny'mon.


Blast has brown hair, a yellow headband with a red diamond shape on it, black shirt with dark blue cuffs and collar, red vest/sleeveless jacket, pants, large navy blue wristbands and tennis shoes.


Blast is a snobbish and self-centered hero of the Tiny'mon video game who sees everyone as his fight opponent, attacking them and believing that no one could be better at fighting or collecting Tiny'mon than him which leaded him to frustration when Johnny Test defeated him with Screechereen. At the end of Return of Johnny'mon, Blast seemed to have less issues with Johnny where he admits that Johnny's a really good player, but he still wishing to beat him in a battle someday.


Blast has 3 known Tiny'mon (Badius and Baboomerang, formerly Kadoomerang). In the game, he was looking for the legendary Screechereen, which turned out to be the evolved form of Cuddlebuns. Then he met Johnny Test (character), Dukey, Susan Test and Mary Test. In Return of Johnny'mon, he was beaten by Dukandra and Dadoomerang, but he ends in the real world where he was knocked out by Dukandra at the end. After the episode, Blast's fate was unknown, but it is assumed he was returned to the Tiny'mon world.


  • Blast is an obvious parody of the Pokemon character Ash Ketchum. However, their intents are totally different.
    • Ash accepts defeat while Blast is somewhat of a sore loser who never learns to lose.
  • Given his design and particularly the red jacket, it can be assumed that Blast is (at least partially) based off of Red, the main character of the Pokemon video game series. 
  • Blast's design is mainly inspired by Naruto and Bakugan's Dan.
  • Blast's laugh would be considered similar to an Asian person newly introduced to English.
  • In the background of 'Return of Johnny'mon', Blast's sidekick is seen making funny faces and waggling his tongue at the Test family.
  • In Johnny'mon, Blast is not very modest as he says he is the greatest Tiny'mon trainer in the universe and he is handsome.

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