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"Cat Scratch Johnny"
Season 5, Episode 4a
S05E04a TitleCard.png
United States Airdate: July 11, 2011
Invention(s) Featured: 3 and a Half D Glasses
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"Johnny vs. Bling-Bling: The Ultimate Battle"
"Johnny of the Deep"

Cat Scratch Johnny is the first part of 70th episode and the 139th episode over all.

Episode Plot

After seeing the purple space cats movie, Johnny's sisters give Johnny and Dukey a pair of special 3-D glasses to allow them to see everything close up, even movie theaters. But when Johnny and Dukey combined the new 3-D glasses with the old 3-D glasses, it causes too much D and the purple space cats to come out of the movie theater and now with the cats are trying to take over the world and imprisoning the humans, Johnny must save the day by getting the purple cats back into the movie.



  • The purple cat movie is a parody of Kid vs. Kat and Avatar, although the plot is a parody of Avatar.
  • One of the music in this episode was similar to the Titanic theme song which was also played in Johnny Cruise.
  • The name of the title is a reference to the show called "Catscratch".