Code Crackin' Johnny is the first part of the 109th episode and the 217th episode over all. The episode premiered on January 28, 2014.

"Code Crackin' Johnny"
Season 6, Episode 18a
United States Airdate: January 28, 2014
Invention(s) Featured: Supercomputer
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"Road Trip Johnny"
"Johnny Goes Viral"


Johnny and Dukey cheat their way to victory in the Red Gush contest.


A commercial airs on TV that has the new Red Gush mascot, the Red Gusher, destroy stuff, which Dukey states is unrelated to beverages. Then, the commercial says that "thousands" of prizes can be won" by typing in a code on a Red Gush bottle cap. Johnny enters a lot of codes, but ended up with a lot of plastics flying discs. He asks his sisters to help him win the contest, who discover that there is no chance of anyone winning, and the contest is rigged. The girls offer Johnny use of their new Super Computer to crack its code by pushing its main button each time. Johnny pushes the button one too many times, which causes the Red Gush company to buy prizes and run out of money and figure out that Johnny is winning them all. in order to stop making the company bankrupt ,they plan to eliminate Johnny for good. The Red Gusher comes to Johnny's house and chases him throughout town.

When they return to the house again and enter the lab, Johnny asks his sisters about the supercomputer's security mode, which the girls warn their brother that it can become dangerous with a simple strike. He decides to kick the supercomputer to activate its battle mode. The supercomputer battles the Red Gusher and right before the red gusher destroys the super computer, Johnny uses its powerful water gun (which was also another Red Gush prize) to make a big hole on his room's window and Johnny's stuff falls out right on the Red Gusher.

The boss of the company arrives to the Test house and sees the disaster ,saying that after that everyone saw how dangerous the Red Gush mascot is, nobody will ever buy Red Gush again. Johnny thinks of a solution to save the company and his favorite beverage- a Red Gush giveaway. Johnny asks the CEO (the boss of the red gush company) about the former Red Gush mascots, the Red Gush Koalas, and asks him if they deserve another shot. The CEO confirms to Johnny that he will retire the Red Gusher the next day. With this, the Red Gusher's feelings are hurt, making the CEO the Red Gusher's next target.



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