Construction Drones
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The Construction Drones are robots created by Susan and Mary who are used to aid them in building their inventions. Johnny, however, uses them whenever he can to his advantage. (First created in Johnny's House of Horrors,)


they can build everything that they were commanded to do. from tables, benches and pancakes, to giant and advanced tree houses or a houses referencing a horror show. they have the ability to turn their hands to brushes and tools and transform their feet to wheels. they're intelligent, fast and handy. but they do have some weaknesses, such as working so fast and hard makes them to get short-circuited.


They appeared in many episodes, some of them are:

  • Johnny's House of Horrors: the girls created them to help Johnny build Hugh's dream house.
  • Johnnyland: to make an amazing amusement park in the back yard of the Test house. Destruction drones were also introduced and tired to destroy it but got carried way.
  • Johnny Bench: to make a great bench for Johnny's woodshop project.
  • Johnny Cakes: Johnny asked them to make pancakes for Mrs.Test's birthday breakfast.
  • Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse: to make a tree house for Johnny better than Sissy's tree house.
  • Extra Credit Johnny: to help Johnny tar the whole roof of the school.
  • Johnny's No. 1 Fan: to make a big human pinball for Johnny.
  • Johnny on the Job: the Test kids wanted them to build a fake office for Mr. Test to work on there and don't feel bad.


  • Their alternative counterparts are Destruction Drones; they destroy everything they've been commanded to.


Construction Drones
Destruction drones
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