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Dial J for Johnny is the first part of the 108th episode and the 215th episode over all. The episode premiered on January 15, 2014.
"Dial J for Johnny"
Season 6, Episode 17a
United States Airdate: January 15, 2014
Invention(s) Featured: Turbo Time TeaHouse
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"A Picture's Worth 1000 Johnnies"
"Road Trip Johnny"


Johnny and Dukey use the girls' time machine to prank call some of history's most extraordinary figures. But even historical figures will only put up with so much. After teaming up, they set out to destroy Johnny and Dukey and get revenge.



  • Thomas Edison reappears (Johnny and the Ice Pigs), though he appears to be younger.
    • Among History's other great minds are Leonardo da Vinci, Ben Franklin, Marie Curie and Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Apparently, Hugh used to prank call when he was younger until he pranked the wrong guy, got plastic surgery, changed his name to "Dad" and moved to Porkbelly.
  • It is unknown how Susan and Mary are still alive in 2525, though it is possible that they have invented something that causes people to live either forever or a really long time.


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