Johnny Test Wiki
Evil Johnny
Powers and abilities None
Gender Male
Age Possibly 11 Years old
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Status Alive
Aliases Unknown
Personality Evil
Friends Unknown
Enemies Johnny Test
Joni West
Donnie Test
Susan Test
Mary Test
Alignment Bad
Love Interest {{{Love Interest}}}
Likes Destroying Things in his path,
Dislikes Being Good, Johnny Test And His Friends, Sisters,
Family Evil Hugh Test (Father)
Evil Lila Test (Mother)
Evil Susan Test
Evil Mary Test
Pets Evil Dukey
First Appearance League of Johnnys
Voiced by Paul Castro Jr

Evil Johnny Test is an evil version of Johnny who made his appearance in League of Johnnys


Phisically, he looks exactly like Johnny, though his coloring is inverted. His hair is black with white highlights, his eye color is red, his radioactive symbol is also black with a Skeleton on it, his overshirt is Red and his pants are a darkish Red. He also talks in a Cockney accent as well.