The extreme game controler

The Mega Extreme Game Controller is one of Susan and Mary's inventions (made for Johnny) that appeared in Johnny's Extreme Game Controller.


It can literally control anything, from TV and video games and skateboards, to humans. It can even use some video game tricks to control a skateboard just like the game but in reality. but it has some problems, like if someone's avatar in a video game is been played with the extreme game controller, the person himself does the exact same thing as the avatar is doing.


The Test twins made this controller by customizing Johnny's regular game controller for him in order to help him show Sissy how good he is in skateboarding (and he did with doing a 360 degree rotate) but when their dad was playing a video game with the controller with Johnny's avatar, Johnny was forced to get on a skateboard and go towards the zoo, luckily, before jumping from an alligator pit, Dukey and the girls saved him.

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