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"Here Johnny, Here Boy"
Season 3, Episode 3a
S03E03a TitleCard.png
United States Airdate: October 6, 2007
Canada Airdate: September 17, 2008
Title Reference: Here Doggy, Here Boy
Invention(s) Featured: Humanimal Converter
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Here Johnny, Here Boy is the first part of 29th episode and the 57th episode over all.


Fed up with the lack of respect given to him, Dukey convinces Mary and Susan to turn Johnny into a dog. In the meantime, Mary and Susan turn themselves into animals so they can get loved by Gil. It all goes wrong when Animal Control arrives and snatches all three of them.


Johnny calls Dukey but Dukey says he is reading. Johnny wants Dukey to test if the water in the pool is too cold. However, Dukey says he does not want to get wet. Johnny uses an excuse and says he saved Dukey from the pound and he wants Dukey to save him from being chilled. Dukey says a true friend will not hold something over his friend but Johnny argues with him saying a true friend would do that if he saved the other person from the pound. Dukey tests the water and freezes. Johnny uses the excuse a few times and Dukey states that being a dog on the streets is not so bad, and he does not have to try dresses. Johnny ends up thinking dogs are great and asks Susan and Mary to turn him into a dog and he starts wandering. However, he cannot talk. Meanwhile, Susan and Mary turn into various animals to attract Gil Nexdor. Their first attempt was fruitless when Gil mistakes them for rats and it sends their dog chasing them. Then, Johnny ventures out to wonder what life as a dog is like. Meanwhile, Susan and Mary turned themselves to rabbits, but, it failed when Gil accidentally locked himself up. Then, Johnny goes in the pound and Dukey was able to fight the cats. It wasn't long before Johnny was dognapped by a girl. Dukey sees Susan and Mary as lions. And then, Susan and Mary scared Gil's dog and Gil tranquilizes them with a blowdart tube and calls Animal Control. Meanwhile, a girl puts a collar on Johnny. Then, Johnny begs the girl to take the collar off which gives Johnny his chance to escape. But, then, he was taken by Animal Control. Dukey, disguised as a British catcher, arrived and was able to bust Johnny and the girls out of here. Then, the girls and Johnny turned themselves back to normal. And Dukey offers Johnny hot chocolate which sets the boy on fire.



  • The episode title could be a reference to the catchphrase "Here's Johnny", used by Jack Nicholson in the 1980 film The Shining.