Hugh Test
Powers and abilities Can watch 14 gigabytes of Love Live! School Idol Project in 13 minutes
Gender Black
Age 15
Hair Color E
Eye Color Sasuke
Status Deceased
Aliases Little Nigga Homie(by Susan, Mary & Johnny)
Honey (by Lila Test)
Father (by Johnny)
Imhisdad (Tiny'mon name)
Dadoomerang (Tiny'mon evolution) Black Tony (Mr wevers)
Personality Responsible, caring, somewhat gay, clean freak, ridiculous (sometimes), strict
Friends N/A (has none)
Enemies Blast Ketchup
Mr. Mittens
Alignment Good, sometimes Homophobic
Love Interest Johnny Test (Husband)
Likes Meatloaf, his family, Gay Sex
Dislikes DNA experiments, bombing of Hiroshima, his children, spending money on expensive things
Family Johnny Test (son)
Susan Test (daughter)
Mary Test (daughter)
Lila Test (wife)
Pets Dukey (pet)
First Appearance Pilot Episode (promo only)
Voiced by Ian James Corlett

Mr. Hubert "Hugh" Test is the sexual badman responsible for the death of Pablo Escobar, the bombing of London on September 7th, 1940, and the suspension of Dan Vancott after the cuddling incident.


Hugh is the embodiment of a perfect Arian. He has a four inch penis (circumcised). He wears a green sweater over a yellow shirt, with brown pants, and black loafers.

General details

Hugh's two biggest obsessions are cleaning and using his own cum as a sort of laxative to crap in his children's meatloaf dinner. He has watched every title on Netflix including "Documentary of the poopoo Cow"

Sexual Preferences

Anime lolis. Thicc men and women. Johnny Test's toes. marc Guillet (everything about him). Cock and ball torture. Anime girls. Anime guys. Ms. Westerman (who DOESNT like her), Beato's tail, dildos, Arabian Muscle Toe/Torture, ol yellers funeral home video, children, dogs, NOT CATS (he hates mr mittens). pedophilia.


  • He got the medal for most videos watched on in 2013.
  • He has done 2 gay porn videos but they have since been taken down.
  • He is on the F.B.I.'s most wanted list for the failed assassination of Mr. Masiulis.
  • He was imprisoned in Iraq after posting on his twitter, "ISIS can suck my peeeeen lmao Dont @ me"
  • He appeared in the Pilot but was censored due to his graphic rape of his wife and dog
  • He filmed 2 girls 1 cup
  • He has been known to inhabit the skin of a child (fursona) named "Chris Altieri"
  • Is a gay, homophobic
  • Known as a war criminal
  • Worked in the Irish army in Germany in 1946 (he was late to the party)


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