The Porkbelly Ice Pigs are a professional Ice hockey team that play at the hogwash center in Porkbelly. Once known to have a terrible team that is until Johnny and Dukey go back in time to get the strongest leaders and pirates from the past to be the new Ice Pigs. The members of the new team are a caveman, a Viking, a Mongolian warrior (possibly Ghengis Khan), a black knight, and Atillia the Hun. They beat their opponents and won the hockey tournament. They first appeared in Johnny and the Ice Pigs.

The Team

Before Johnny's team played, the Original Ice Pig team consisted of six average Players which lacked defensive playing. This was due to the fact that the team probably never had a head coach and other players who knew how to really play. Johnny saw this and decided to take immediate action.

Vs The Hammerheads

Somewhere between the regular season, The Ice pigs were to play against (Fictional city?) The Hammerheads who had an outstanding record so far. When the game was underway the Hammerheads were delivering check after check to the Icepigs even smashing them between the boards much to the Dismay of Johnny and Dukey. They scored 14 goals in the 1st and 2nd period not even letting them get on the score boards.

Notes and Errors In Real life The players can't attack the fans as this will result in a fine.

A Similar team. The Rockford Icehogs exist today in the American Hockey league (AHL)

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