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"It's an Invasion, Johnny"
Season 5, Episode 24b
United States Airdate: June 27, 2012
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It's an Invasion, Johnny is the second part of 91th episode and the 182th episode over all.


Johnny, Susan, Mary, Dukey, Mr. Black, Mr. White, Bling Bling and The General are abducted by aliens.


Johnny and Dukey are playing video games on Susan and Mary's "Highly sensitive organic video display camera" located in the lab, and they are totally busted and pushed off the chairs with a push of a button by Mary. As soon as Mary and Susan are on the chairs, a video display of Mr. Black and Mr. White are shown with them saying "Susan, Mary, Danger!" Right after the message to the sisters was finished, the General bursts through the door asking for the girls' help. He reveals that Agents Black and White were on a "top secret" mission to put up alien invasion detecting systems, until they mysteriously disappeared. He also revealed that Black and White took the only Space Probe they had because of the budget. The General asks if he could borrow their space probe, but then a flashback shows Johnny crashing the XL4TI Spaceship into their pool. He then tries to back himself up, saying that parking is not his strong-point and that they shouldn't have left the keys in it.

As The General is about to leave stating that Black and White are doomed, Mary quickly gives a suggestion, which is shown in the next scene to be Bling-Bling Island. Susan shouts at everybody and suggests stealing one from the Canadians or Russians. Mary quickly rings the doorbell and Bling-Bling's mother opens the door, greeting them. Johnny asks if Eugene was home, and his mother shouts someone is at the door for him and states that he is cleaning gunk out of his ear and everyone reacts in disgust. Bling-Bling appears and admires Susan as she asks if they can borrow his space probe.


  • Dukey appears in this episode, but does not speak.



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