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"Johnny's Amazing Race"
Season 4, Episode 16a
United States Airdate: July 12, 2010
Invention(s) Featured: TBA
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"99 Deeds of Johnny Test"
"Johnny Test in 3D"
"Johnny, wait!" – Susan

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Johnny's Amazing Race is the first part of 55th episode and the 109th episode over all.


Johnny and Dukey challenge his sisters, their friends, and their enemies to a survival challenge of going through a forest and being the first one to reach a Bullseye Mart, where the winning team gets hundreds of dollars in gift cards.


Johnny and Dukey are on the couch watching "Survivor Dudes", a show about two guys living in the wild and adapting to their surroundings. Johnny brags that he could be like the Survivor Dudes, but Dukey proves him wrong when he takes his popcorn bowl and Johnny can't last two seconds without it. Just then, the twins enter and doubt the show's fact of survival. Johnny states they should watch, claiming that they can't go 10 minutes without being in the lab. Susan decides to take his bet, and Mary bets both their $50 Bulls-Eye Mart gift cards that they could beat the flame-haired boy and his dog at a race from the forest to Bulls-Eye. Placing their own gift cards on the table, the duo accept the challenge.


  • Running Gag: Susan and Mary experimenting, only to create an explosion.
  • Bulls-eye Mart is a parody of Target.
  • This is a racing episode.
  • Gil reveals that he was partially raised by gorillas.
  • The title is a parody of The Amazing Race.
  • Judging by how everybody each got a Bulls-eye Mart gift card worth $50, the winner would have gotten $600 worth of gift cards.
  • The Teams for the Amazing Race.
    • Johnny and Dukey
    • Susan and Mary
    • Bling Bling and Gil
    • Black and White
    • Brain Freezer and Mr Mittens
    • Montague and Lolo
  • This marks the first time Montague compete in a race while this is Lolo's second time: the first being Johnny Cart Racing.


  • It makes no sense that Dukey, Montague and Lolo have gift cards since they are pets.



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