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"Johnny's Big Sister Smackdown"
Season 4, Episode 18b
Johnny Test - Season 4, Episode 18b-Johnnys Big Sister Smackdown
United States Airdate: August 16, 2010
UK = February 20th 2011
Invention(s) Featured: GutSucker
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"Johnny vs. Bling Bling IV"
"Sunshine Malibu Johnny"

Johnny's big sister smackdown is the second part of 57th episode and the 114th episode over all.


Susan and Mary both really want Gil to go on a date with them, so they put up a wrestling match using rough guts (Susan uses Johnny's while Mary uses a lion's), but this leads to the typical destructive results.

Full Summary

The episode starts while Susan and Mary are awwing at Gil jumping up and down (probably on a trampoline) until he falls. Then Susan and Mary wish they have the guts to ask him out. Then they argue about who would make a better Gil girlfriend while Johnny and Dukey eat popcorn and watch them. Johnny tries to make them pund on each other for his amusment but they were too smart. Johnny then suggests they both ask them out to see who he would pick but they both run away. Then Johnny and Dukey dress up like lab coated Susan and Mary and try to teach them what guts is. So they say they will inject Johnny's risk taking DNA into them so they can ask Gil out to dinner. However Dukey suggests injecting animal DNA instead. Then Susan and Mary build the GutSucker and Susan takes Johnny and Mary takes some zoo animals for the experiment. The GutSucker made Susan look like Johnny and Mary has a lions tail with wild blown out hair. When Susan and Mary ask for the date they gain a scary rage that scares Gil but he can't leave because Susan and Mary drag him away. Noticing the plan failing, Johnny and Dukey distract the twins by tickling them so Gil could escape. However then Susan and Mary grow larger and scarier, then try to finish each other off. They try to get more guts by adding gorillas, crocodiles, tigers, cavemen and sports players into the machine. This turns Mary into some hairy monster with a crocodille-like tail and Susan into a muscled ugly female lady thing. While the twin are attacking each other through Porkbelly, Johnny has got thirty minutes till dinner or else he'll get in big trouble from Hugh. But when he trys to knock out his sisters he accidently sprayed it on Dukey and himself knocking them out for 25 mins. So Johnny deverts an insane plan including a knock out Gil asking the twins out. Anyway he does stay and everything turns out okay.


  • Johnny is on Susan's side while Dukey is on Mary's side.
  • Susan is seen without her glasses in this episode.
  • Mary’s eyebrows were more permanent in this episode.





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