Johnny's Gaming System zbox is known in the real world as Xbox is a non-portable gaming console in Johnny Test.


Smash Badger 3

A parody of Crash games. It is new that there is no cheat codes so Johnny was going to hack the game and get cheats.

Unnamed Zombie First Person Shooter

Dukey played it in Johnny Applesauce. You shoot zombies that come out of their grave.

Thrasher Grind Underground

Johnny plays this game in Johnny's Extreme Game Controller. Johnny's sisters hack the controller so Johnny can control other people. Dad started to play this game and controlled Johnny.

Sacred Sword

It is a sword fighting game. You can play multiplayer and there is a whole selection of swords. It is seen in Johnny vs. Bling-Bling II.

Toxic Battle Blast 4

It's a game of Zombie Killer that Johnny bought but then he had a nightmare. It is seen in Rated J for Johnny and Johnny's Keys To Success

Other Gaming Systems