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"Oh my gosh! , this is bad!" – Dukey

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"Johnny's Last Chapter"
Season 6, Episode 26b
Johnny's Last Chapter
United States Airdate: December 25, 2014
Invention(s) Featured: Easy Peasy Readzy
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Johnny`s Last Chapter is the final episode of season 6 of Johnny Test, the second part of the 117th episode, and the 234th episode overall. It was the final installment of the series until 2020 when Johnny Test: The Lost Web Series began.


Johnny needs to finish the book of History of Porkbelly for the next day or Mr. Teacherman will send him to a full book reading trip. He and Dukey ask the Test sisters for help and they show them their latest invention where they can scan the books and show the things that happened in the book on a screen. Unfortunately it has bugs in it and it sucked Dukey and Johnny into the book and its whole chapters and adventures.



  • This episode marks the season 6 (and series) finale as shown in the episode title card.

Production Notes

  • According to the credits, Warner Bros. still owns its trademark and copyrights.




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