"Johnny's Left Foot"
Season 5, Episode 20a
United States Airdate: March 7, 2012
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"Oh my gosh! , this is bad!" – Dukey

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Johnny's Left Foot is the first part of 87th episode and the 173th episode over all.


When Johnny breaks his foot after his parents tell him not to do a dangerous stunt on Break-Bone Road, his sisters step up to create a robotic one for him, however soon afterwards, Johnny's real foot comes to life and causes destruction in Porkbelly.


The episode starts off with Johnny doing a to do list of awesome and dangerous stunts and then, it alł comes to Streetlosh at Break-Bone Road. But, however, his parents won't let him.

The next morning, Johnny wakes up early and he and Dukey secretly went to Break-Bone Road.

A while later, they arrived at the summit. Then, Johnny starts streetloshing, but, then he notices a bear and swerved but falls in the forest and got his left foot injured and Dukey reacts, "Well. Where do we all see this coming."

His parents were both mad and worried about what happened and Hugh ends up grounding Johnny.

Johnny and Dukey land in Johnny's room and Hugh and Lila came in and when Lila turns on the TV for Johnny, there was a newsflash about the giant foot destroying the city. This causes Hugh and Lila to discover this and Lila activates the trap door and Susan and Mary came out. And the kids say, "Oh. So close!", thinking that their parents might ground them.


  • Before Johnny did the hill stunt the list said "Hospital Hill. After Johnny did the hill stunt the list said "Havoc Hill".
  • Hugh seems more concerned about the Test family's insurance premiums than Johnny's injuries.
  • Dukey breaks the Fourth Wall saying that after Johnny falls off Break-Bone Road and hurt his foot. Dukey commits. "Well. Where do we all see this coming."



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