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"Johnny's Pet Day"
Season 2, Episode 5a
United States Airdate: December 3, 2006
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"Johnny Mint Chip"
"Phat Johnny"

Johnny's Pet Day is the first part of 18th episode and the 35th episode over all.


Dukey gets jealous when Johnny takes Repto Slicer to school for pet day over him. However, this lands him in danger of becoming a TV star with the news crew when he sneaks into school.



  • This marks Repto-Slicer's last appearance until Johnny and Dark Vegan's Battle Brawl Mania.
    • This also marks the only appearance of the Porkbelly Patriots to date.
    • During chase scenes and mod scenes there is an extra producer this who looks like the devil even carrying a pitchfork


  • It is unknown how Hugh and Lila did not find out Dukey's talking origin.


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