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"Johnny's Turbo Toy Force"
Season 2, Episode 1b
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United States Airdate: October 28, 2006
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"Hoist the Johnny Roger"

Johnny's Turbo Toy Force is the second part of 14th episode and the 28th episode over all.


An evil toymaker named Wacko gives out robots to all the children of Porkbelly, which imprison them. The gang seeks assistance from the Turbo Toy Force.


  • During the episode, the robot looks similar to R.O.B The Robot.
  • This marks the first appearence of Wacko.
  • Johnny appears to have a secret platform in his room which rises into the lab. This is the only episode to feature it, as it's implied by Mary that it would be removed.
  • This marks the last appearance of the Turbo Toy Force to date.


  • Mega Roboticle's absence is never explained.
  • Around the end of the episode, Johnny's face looks incredibly weird.