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"Oh my gosh! , this is bad!" – Dukey

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"Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse"
Season 5, Episode 8b
Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse
United States Airdate: August 1, 2011
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"Lawn Gone Johnny"
"Johnny Goes Camping"

Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse is the second part of 73rd episode and the 146th episode overall.


Johnny uses his sisters' construction drones to remodel his treehouse to prove to Sissy that it's better than her treehouse. 


While watching a movie with Missy in her treehouse, Sissy is interrupted by Johnny and Dukey who fly in in a homemade rocket car and crash outside. Dukey is quick to criticize Johnny's lack of using duct tape, though both quickly become interested in Sissy's treehouse when she mentions watching T.V. While showing off the features of her treehouse, Johnny immediately says his is better, something Sissy doubts since she's seen it and considers it junky. Johnny claims he recently had it remodeled with tons of electronics as well as a hot tub, skate ramp and bowling alley. Sissy decides to come see it for herself later, while Johnny and Dukey leave and fall out of the tree.

At their tree house, the duo see its conditions to which Johnny complains about the tumbleweed. As Johnny questions when it became a dump, Dukey answers saying it was "the second after the possums, the bats and the pelicans moved in". Dukey complains about Johnny lying just to one-up Sissy and points out it'll be impossible to get all the stuff, though Johnny states they can just use the construction drones. As they head for the lab, they run off the treehouse again, causing them to fall in mud and Johnny to question why they keep doing that.


  • Gil is revealed to be friends with Tyler and the Extreme Teen Team.
  • Running Gag: Johnny and Dukey running off a treehouse and falling to the ground.




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