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"Johnny Cruise"
Season 5, Episode 2a
Johnny cruise
United States Airdate: June 20, 2011
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"Johnny Daddy Day"
"Rated J for Johnny"

Johnny Cruise is the first part of 68th episode and the 135th episode over all.


Johnny wins a family cruise but he realizes something's fishy when he notices he didn't enter any sweepstakes. It turns out it was planned by Bling-Bling Boy in attempt to have Susan for himself.


Johnny wins a family cruise, but says he never entered one. Everyone is excited because of a meatloaf museum and a spa, so they go on the cruise anyway. While looking for the skate park he and Dukey finds Bling Bling Boy who admits this his plot to get Susan. So he says he wanted to sink the ship to have a romantic save. However his plan fails. So he is waiting on the Test family for the rest of the week.


  • This episode has a running gag of people ripping their clothes off to reveal a different outfit underneath. This is taken to it's most extreme in a scene where Johnny does it several times in a row to find the right outfit while Mary rips her swimsuit off to reveal a black combat outfit with a sweater top, cargo pants, and her regular sneakers.
  • This is the second time that Dukey using his blue swimming trunks to swim, and the first time since Sunshine Malibu Johnny.
  • Dukey has to rip off his fur to reveal a different outfit (which is impossible), which may be the reason he says "I'm not even gonna ask.", or must've been a error.
  • The Ship's crashing is similar to the movie "Titanic" as it was also damaged from the side of it and broke into two parts and also the song while hitting it is similar to the theme song of the movie. Unfortunately, in Titanic, it was damaged under the water and sank, and in the cartoon, it was damaged above sea level, but sank anyway.


  • The iceberg disappears in the ending shot.
  • When Susan and Mary changed into their swimsuits their feet became smaller.


  • I just wanna go on record here and say I hate free cruises.—-Dukey
  • Ditto.—-Johnny
  • You never enter any vacation sweepstakes, did you?—-Mary
  • im not even gonna ask
  • you know I don’t remember entering any cruise contest
  • it was a free cruise who doesn’t love a free cruise


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