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"Johnny Daddy Day"
Season 5, Episode 1b
Johnny Daddy Day
United States Airdate: June 13, 2011
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Johnny Daddy Day is the second part of 67th episode and the 134th episode over all.

Episode Plot

Realized that it's Father's Day, Johnny, his sisters, and Lila attempt to come with the perfect gift for Hugh however, while trying to come up with a gift it ends up with disastrous results.


The episode starts off with Johnny waking up, and realizing what day it is, until Johnny, Susan, Mary and Lila realized that it's Father's Day and they need to get a gift for Hugh.

They went to the lab and they decided to use Robot Dad and he makes a fancy dinner for Lila, but, Lila wonders if Hugh doesn't like it, they decide to find out.

They went in the room and Hugh likes his present, and eventually, the Robot Dad turns his eyes red and starts attacking him. So, Mary presses a button, and the Robot Dad explodes. They decide to make him meatloaf. And eventually, it explodes and they surprise Hugh, and eventually, the meatloaf comes to life and attacks Hugh. Susan and Mary say that they used too much DNA, then, they decided to surprise Hugh with a cat, but, it attacks him, they should've done a background check of the pound.

Hugh was wrapped in bandages and Lila turns on very loud music, and laundry falls with Susan and Mary and Johnny goes out of control with the lawnmower.

Hugh hides in his room, but, finds his family in there with a surprise. Lila says that it's Hugh's best friend, Willy Keller from when he was ten years old, but, Hugh remembers that they ended up hating each other after he stole Willy's girlfriend in high school. Then, Willy Keller fights Hugh. Lila reminds Johnny not to steal girlfriends from best friends in school.

Eventually, a bruised and battered Hugh wonders what now. Susan and Mary put the spring serum on Hugh and he bounces. Johnny and Lila went outside and Johnny knew that Hugh doesn't like it. Hugh bounces his way down the streets and all the way to the hospital where a nurse says, "Happy Father's Day!"


  • Running Gag:
    • Every present Johnny, Susan, Mary and Lila give to Hugh seem to hurt him.
    • The nurse saying "Happy Father's Day".
  • Hugh used to have a best friend name Willy Keller when he was 10 years old, until they hated each other after Hugh stole Willy's girlfriend in high school.


  • After the Robot Dad was set to Self-Destruct mode, when Johnny put out the fire, there are no water stains on Hugh's shirt.


how could we forget Father’s Day

its Father’s Day

How do you work this remote?!

How do you do laundry again?!

Whoa! How do you stop this thing?!

It's your best friend, Willy Keeler when you were 10.

But, we ended up hating each other when I stole his girlfriend in high school

Yeah! You never mentioned that

I've been looking forward to this day for 22 years!

the next time I say I don’t want anything for Father’s Day I really don’t want anything for Father’s Day


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