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"Johnny Dodgeball"
Season 1, Episode 13a
Johnny Dodgeball
United States Airdate: July 29, 2006
Invention(s) Featured: The Bionic Arm
Episode Guide
"Johnny's Big Snow Job"
"Johnny and the Attack of the Monster Truck"

Johnny Dodgeball is the first part of 13th episode and the 25th episode over all.


Johnny uses a bionic arm to magnify his arm strength to beat Sissy at dodgeball. When he beats Sissy he joins her dodgeball club and later he has to go against Russians at dodgeball in a tournament. His bionic arm malfunctions when he dropped cereal on it but then he uses the dancing dress to defeat the Russians after defending himself and Sissy.


  • At one point during his TV interview, the red dye at the tip of Johnny's hair disappear for a second and reappears later.​


  • This is one of the episodes were Johnny and Sissy are close to each other. Another was in Saturday Night's Alright for Johnny
  • In the montage where Johnny gets hit by Sissy, Sissy puts down the football for Johnny to kick, but then Sissy pulls the football away and Johnny falls on the ground. This is of course, a reference to the Peanuts comic strip and animated film series.


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