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"Johnny Fu (episode)"
Season 3, Episode 8a
United States Airdate: December 15, 2007
Canada Airdate: September 24, 2008
Title Reference: Kung Fu
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"Johnny Mustache"
"Johnny Escape From Bling Bling Island"

Johnny Fu is the first part of 34th episode and the 67th episode over all.


When Bumper uses his new kung fu moves to abuse everyone at school, Johnny seeks Dukey's help to stop him.



  • Running Gag: Bumper kept shouting "Hi-yah" before hitting Johnny and other students, Susan and Mary tried to fix the bathroom but fail each time, Dukey refuses to teach Johnny how to fight.
  • This episode reveals Dukey was given Martial Arts skills and that he is considered a lethal weapon.
  • Judging by the way the lab blew up and Mary writing a note reading "Love Potion makes lab explode", the lab's explosion is the result of another attempt to get Gil to fall in love with them.
  • This is the second time Johnny gets kung fu powers. The first is in Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy.

Production Notes

  • According to the credits, Warner Bros. still owns its trademark.


  • Bumper using kung-fu for violence is against the sacred code.
  • Had Bumper taken over the school in real-life, it would be considered a domestic terrorist attack on federal property, and the US Army would have been called in.
  • The Principal turns a blind eye to Bumper's actions, indicating he was either bribed, threatened, or doesn't care about any of the students (though this is unlikely), which would be grounds for termination and arrest.



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Johnny Fu (game)

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