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"Johnny Get Yer Gum"
Season 4, Episode 9b
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United States Airdate: February 11, 2010
Canada Airdate: December 10, 2009
Invention(s) Featured: Bubble gums
Episode Guide
"The Quantum of Johnny"
"Old School Johnny"

Johnny Get Yer Gum is the second part of 48th episode and the 96th episode over all.



Wacko has gotten out of jail and he invents a type of gum called Bubble Blast designed to blow the children's heads off, but he then decides it's too much, so he introduces his new Helio Bubble that designed to lift children up like a balloon and carry them away. Meanwhile, Susan and Mary are having Johnny test some various types of gum designed to do different things. None of them work as they should, so Johnny borrows some extra samples and goes away to chew them. At the end Hugh comes and threats to ground them for two weeks until they blow a large Helio bubble and escape.


  • In real-life, bubbles blown with bubblegum would not be enough to lift even a child off the ground. Surely, Wacko should have known this, yet he somehow succeeds.


  • The title card reads Johhny Get Yer Gum.



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