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"Johnny Goes Viral"
Season 6, Episode 18b
United States Airdate: February 4, 2014
Invention(s) Featured: The Brain Internet Microchip
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"Code Crackin' Johnny"

Johnny Goes Viral is the second part of the 109th episode and the 218th episode overall. The episode premiered on February 4, 2014.


The girls insert a computer chip into Johnny's brain (which they made it for the General and give to Johnny first to test it for them), and now he is directly connected to the internet at all times, giving him unlimited knowledge.


The story starts out at school. The teacher, Mr. Henry Teacherman, asks an extremely hard question, saying that if anyone got it right, they would have recess for the rest of the day. Johnny, amazingly, knew the answer and gave it correctly. WIP



  • The first season theme can be heard when Johnny is shopping on the Internet.
  • The episode's plot is loosely based on a US TV Drama called Intelligence, where the main character gets a microchip planted in his brain that lets him retrieve various information from the information grid composed of online and government resources.
  • The nuclear destruction scenario presented in this episode is much, much more severe than is actually presented. The characters only talk of destruction, seemingly by the missile itself. Not mentioned is the fact that the missile seen in this episode was likely programmed to impact a target in Russia. Had the missiles successfully been launched, Russia would have enacted the long-standing Mutual Assured Destruction and retaliated with its entire nuclear arsenal. This would start World War III, and result in the near-annihilation of North America, Russia, and Europe, as well as the rise of Australia and Brazil as superpowers.
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