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"Johnny Long Legs"
Season 3, Episode 10a
United States Airdate: February 2, 2008
Canada Airdate: September 26, 2008
Title Reference: Daddy Long Legs
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Johnny Long Legs is the first part of 36th episode and the 71th episode over all.


Johnny does a spider DNA experiment for his sisters but when Hugh orders Johnny to be normal, Susan accidentally increases the DNA and Johnny becomes a real spider. Now Dukey must save Johnny from the hands of Bumper.


The episode begins with Susan and Mary doing a DNA test on Johnny. They have to use Spider DNA instead of Human DNA despite their father forbidding them. Then, Johnny gets four arms. Then, Johnny have to do some tests.

At dodgeball, Johnny was able to grab four balls at once. Later, Johnny was able to use his four arms and gives a wedgie on Bumper.

By the time, Johnny got home, hair grows on him and begins shooting spider webs from his butt.

Susan and Mary have baked cookies and Hugh realized that Johnny has four arms and tells the girls to turn Johnny back to normal before dinner or else, the girls are in big trouble.

However, the girls increased it turning Johnny into a spider and Dukey sneezed Johnny out the window. Bumper noticed Johnny as a spider and decides to feed Johnny to Mr Muncher. Johnny shouts, "Help!"

Dukey decided to become a spider. But, Lila beats him up.

Then, Johnny was about to be eaten by Mr Muncher.

Dukey gets turned into a snake, but, once again gets beaten up by Lila.

Then, Dukey turns into a bat and he hears Johnny. Hugh tells the girls that dinner's in 5 minutes.

Dukey flies to Bumper's home and Bumper gets scared and jumps out the window.

The meatloaf gets done and Johnny and Dukey arrived. Susan and Mary have erased all the animal DNAs and they include Johnny and Dukey DNA. They turned Johnny and Dukey back to normal. Then, they hurry to the dinner table. But, they almost got away, except for one thing, Johnny and Dukey's bodies have been switched and Johnny in Dukey's body said, "Oh. So close!", and Hugh shouts, "GIRLS!!!" (it can be presumed that the girls might get grounded for mixing Johnny and Dukey up)



  • Mary states that Susan increased the DNA infusion: it was actually her. She may have just been trying to blame her so the others don't call her out for her mistake.



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