The Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5 are five of Johnny Test's worst enemies. Over time, the Beekeeper was replaced by Zizrar the mole king, but other than this the group has remained unchanged. The members of this group are Wacko (the founder), Brain Freezer, Mr. Mittens, his butler, Beekeeper (resigned) and Zizrar (who replaced the Beekeeper). Now that Brain Freezer has become good and Wacko is estranged from the group, however, it is unknown if they still exist or if they have disbanded.

Recently, it was shown that the group now currently consists of Mr. Mittens, Alfred, Brain Freezer, and Dark Vegan. The reasons for Brain Freezer becoming evil again are unknown, though it is thought to be the writers having a status quo policy and that Zizrar is absence at the time.


Over time, Johnny has faced a number of evildoers, always defeating them in the end. From cats to clowns, even a bee loving old man, Johnny Test made himself several enemies. When Wacko paid bail to get 4 of the villains out of jail, they were then introduced to Wacko's brilliant alliance plan eager for revenge against the flaming headed boy, and they willingly signed up with him, exchanging their traditional outfits in for similar outfits with a cross over the chest. On this day, the "Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5" was born.


Picture Character Description
Wacko Wacko is the crazy owner of the toy company named after him, and who ironically hates kids. He is also the founder and leader of The Jonnhy Stopping Evil Force 5
Mr. Mittens.jpg
Mr. Mittens Mr. Mittens an evil, intelligent, talking cat. He was made able to speak with the same technology used on Dukey.
Brain Freezer Brainfreezer turned to crime after a young woman in a coffee shop turned him down.
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Zizrar the Mole King Zizrar is king of the moles and plans to conquer the world above. He also replaced The Beekeeper, as the fifth member of The Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5.
Albert Albert is not truly evil. He is Mr. Mittens' butler and is only a member of The Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5 to please his boss.
The Beekeeper The Beekeeper originally committed crimes with his bees. Later he reformed, befriended Johnny and left the Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5.
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