"Johnny Test" Upfront promo (2005)

"Johnny Test" Upfront promo (2005)

Johnny Test Pilot Logo
Johnny Test Pilot Screenshot

Johnny Test started out as the pre-existing, original test pilot episode of the show in 2004 on syndication, just before Kids' WB picked it up as a full series. While the pilot has never been released or aired, a promotional commercial in 2005 (with some scenes of the pilot and original voice cast can be seen)



  • Johnny Test's dog Dukey is referred to as "Poochie".
  • Johnny Test's rival, Bling-Bling Boy is referred to as the "Golden Boy".
    • Not to mention, he had a completely different outfit.
  • Johnny Test had no red highlights on his full head of blond hair and had a skull on his t-shirt
  • Johnny Test is drawn in his Johnny Test Evolution, his first design.
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