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"Johnny X Strikes Back"
Season 2, Episode 13a
United States Airdate: May 12, 2007
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Johnny X Strikes Back is the first part of 26th episode and the 51th episode over all.


Five evil villains who have been defeated previously by Johnny team up and kidnap him. Now it's up to Susan, Mary, Dukey, Bling-Bling, Gil, and Bumper to save him.


The episode begins at The porkbelly maximum security Detention Center, where three cell doors open, revealing them to be brain freezer (Normal Form) Doc Bebble and Mr.Mittens (in his original form) as they are given back their personal items they gave away such as; brain freezers ice machine, Doc Bebble's bee suit and his healthy candy, and finally mr. mittens Butler and the Machine that made him able to talk.

Later outside the Detention Center, the warden revealed that someone paid their bail and warn them to stay out of trouble. With each villain returning back to the original selves, limbo alive and revealed that the person who paid the bail was wacko, who wants his revenge on Johnny Test.

Later we cut back to the test house, where Johnny and Dukey (As Johnny X and Super Pooch) are pushed out of the house by Lila. When Dukey asked why are they wearing a costume, Johnny reveals that his latest report card said he needs to help more.

He tests Susan and Mary's experiment, which attracts fleas, and then save Bumpers cat Cuddles, and punches him. The JohnnyStopping Force Five abducts Johnny.

Then the Johnny Saving Six is formed, which included Bumpter for saving his cat, and Gil for telling him his shoes were untied.

They save Johnny and defeat the Force, but the powers wear off at 4.


  • When Brain Freezer laughs Wacko's laugh is heard instead of Brain Freezer's.
  • The episode's title Johnny X Strikes Back is a reference from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. -0TheArchives0
  • Johnny gives Eugene one of Susan's shoes, just her shoe. However, when Susan is looking for it, she is half-barefooted meaning that her sock was missing. But when she takes the shoe back from Eugene (and puts it back on off-screen), the sock is back on.
  • The powers used to save Johnny are:
    • Bumper: the ability to turn into a stone-like entity.
    • Gil: Comakinesis; control over his hair.
    • Eugene: turning an object into gold with a sophisticated form of laservision.
    • Susan: Vapor Wave; phasing herself through solid objects, Power Transference.
    • Mary: powerful telekinetic powers.
    • Bumper, Gil, Eugene, Susan, and Mary were also capable of flight and levitation.


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