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Johnny Zombie Tea Party is the second part of 20th episode and the 40th episode over all.

"Johnny Zombie Tea Party"
Season 2, Episode 7b
United States Airdate: January 17, 2007
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Johnny brings Porkbelly's founding fathers back to life in order to help him with his report.


Johnny has to write a report on the founding fathers. So he goes to the library to find a book. There are so many books to search through, so Johnny just asked his sisters. Susan and Mary are working on a device that brings plants back to life. Johnny asked them to write his report for him. They quickly refuse. So Johnny stole the device and used it to bring the founding fathers back to life. The founding fathers are zombies though. Johnny takes them back home to ask questions, but they are to busy playing with things they didn't have in their time.

The founding fathers then go out into Porkbelly and cause havoc. and the military tries to destroy them but it didn't work because the guns did nothing with the zombies and instead the whole town was been destroyed because of the shoots (which missed the zombies) and the main roads of porkbelly was barred so no body could actually run away from town. Lila started to punishing and scolding Johnny which gave him and idea. he rushed to the graveyard again and this time brought the founding fathers' moms who found their sons, scolded them for scaring the town people and made them to apologize to people and get back to their grave.

after the whole thing was over, Mr teacherman told the students to this time write a report about founding fathers' mothers and Johnny (again) decided to raise the mothers this time and the episode ends with Johnny asking the founding fathers' moms some questins (which they didn't care and only care about the new things around them) and Hugh and Lila coming from the front door yelling "JOHNNY!"


  • This episode is parodied in The Dawg & Bone Show.
  • This episode marks the only time Janet and Sissy have interacted.
  • In the beginning, Mr. Teacherman's voice sounds very different, but in the end, his voice sound normal, like it usually does.
  • The title is a reference of the Boston Tea Party.
  • Johnny makes up a disease called "Schoolreportitis"
  • When a zombie watches TV, there is a small part from Johnnyland.



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