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"Johnny of the Jungle"
Season 2, Episode 11b
United States Airdate: April 28, 2007
Title Reference: King of the Jungle
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"Johnny Vs. Smash Badger 3"

Johnny of the Jungle is the second part of 24th episode and the 48th episode over all.


Johnny, while on a class trip to the safari park with Dukey disguised as Johnny's dad, tries to help animals get to their homeland in Africa.


At Porkbelly Middle School, Mr. Teacherman reminds his class of their field trip to Porkbelly's Wild Animal Kingdom, which Johnny is overeager to go to. Teacherman states they'll leave for the trip later at 5 pm and each student must have a parent to accompany them. When Johnny gets home, however, Hugh is unable to go as Lila must stay an extra night on a business trip and he has to watch the girls due to grounding them for nocturnal research. However, he discovers the girls are outside and he's been watching cardboard standees. As a result, Hugh grounds them for an extra night and sends them to their room with no dinner.

In Johnny's room, Johnny is packing camping gear when Dukey, after taking a shower, reminds him of having no guardian to come with him: Johnny states Dukey wrong and calls him "Dad". After a wipe, Dukey is now dressed as a human and saying he can't be Johnny's dad.


  • Hugh: Huh? Okay, that's it! You're grounded for another night! And you're going to bed without dinner!
  • Johnny: This stinks worse than your meatloaf burritos!

(Hugh sniffs the plate of burritos.)

  • Hugh: He's right. Needs more garlic.

  • Hugh: You are in big trouble, young man!
  • Johnny: Fine! Then I'll just go to bed without dinner, so they'll be no reason to check up on me!
  • Hugh: Fine! More for me.

(As Johnny and Dukey bounce off the Escape-o-line, they land on Susan and Mary behind a bush.)

  • Johnny: You're supposed to be grounded.
  • Susan and Mary: You're supposed to be grounded!
  • Johnny: This meeting never happen.
  • Susan and Mary: Agreed.


  • Johnny states Dukey was in the pound for 15 months, though this is contradicted later on.


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