"I think you added too much barf!" -- Johnny

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"Johnny vs. The Mummy"
Season 4, Episode 13b
United States Airdate: April 19, 2015
Canada Airdate: March 2, 2010
Invention(s) Featured: Chemical Sprays
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"Johnny Grow Your Own Monster"

Johnny vs. The Mummy is the second part of 52th episode and the 104th episode over all.


While Johnny wants to go to the museum, he attempted to steal his sisters' "come to life" spray and things got ugly when he used it on the dead creatures in the museum.


This episode begins when Johnny is in his classroom, when he heard that there will be a School field trip, which turns out to be a trip to the Natural History museum of PorkBelly (Which Johnny Test really hates about). The Next morning, Johnny wakes up and complains that he doesn't want to go to the museum. But as for Dukey, he really loves things about museums, is because he wants to be an archaeologist and explains about it, he said a sentence that gave Johnny an idea. Meanwhile at the Lab, Susan and Mary were finally completed with their project of how to get Gil, and then finds out what freaks Gil out and freak out over, they discovered that Gil loves big haired girls so they invented a chemical invention that will make their hair big, but when Johnny appears in the lab, he tries to find out what chemical invention will bring anything dead to life, so that he will bring a mummy to life to make the trip more realistic and action. So Johnny finds a red containing sprayer that will bring anything that's history to life, by tricking them into seeing a window, and Johnny swipes that invention. Then the girls tested out their invention on their hair, it grew their hair extremely large. Meanwhile at School, Mr. Henry Teachermen was collecting out permission slips, and Dukey appeared at him, wearing an archaeologist suit (Know that his suit and the episode is a parody of Indiana Jones). Johnny sprays a wooly mammoth with the spray. Meanwhile, the girls try to get Lolo to shear their hair. It ends with two scythes and a tube sticking out of the mass of hair. At the museum, Johnny sprays a mummy and it comes to life. It chases Johnny's class into the gift shop and tries to break in. Johnny reads a hieroglyph that says Egyptians were terrified of big cats. So, Johnny brings the saber-toothed tigers to life.


  • Dukey's disguise is a parody of Minnesota Cuke from VeggieTales, complete with the fedora and bullwhip.
  • Dukey disguise could also be a parody of Indiana Jonas and Dukey's scenes were also similar to Indiana Jonas adventures:
    • The globe falling and chasing Dukey was similar the boulder chasing Indiana.
    • Dukey's use of the whip is similar to Indiana's use of it.
  • When Dukey tips the globe, he drops his whip, but he somehow has it in his hand in the next scene.




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