Johnny vs. The Dukenator is the first part of the 103rd episode and the 205th episode overall. The episode premiered on October 2, 2013.

"Johnny vs. the Dukenator"
Season 6, Episode 12a
Johnny vs the Dukenator
United States Airdate: October 2, 2013
Invention(s) Featured: i-Collar
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"Abominable Johnny"
"Johnny's Petting Zoo Posse"


Johnny and Dukey use the girls' remote controlled i-Collar to get into Porkbelly's new fancy dog spa. When the owner of the spa gets control of the I-Collar he turns Dukey against Johnny. Now Johnny must fight to get his best buddy back.



  • Running Gag: Johnny along with Dukey, getting kicked out of the spa
  • This episode's plot is similar to The Johnnyminster Dog Show, even including the gag of Johnny literally being kicked out.
  • This is Monty's second appearance.


  • "The Dukenator" is a parody of the real life film played by Arnold Schwarzenegger: "The Terminator"


  • When Monty's father came in the pet spa, he should have scolded his son for the abuse he caused and removed the collar from Dukey himself.



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