"Lawn Gone Johnny"
Season 5, Episode 7a
Lawn Gone Johnny
United States Airdate: July 25, 2011
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Lawn Gone Johnny is the first part of 73rd episode and the 145th episode overall.


Johnny has to mow the lawn, even though he doesn't want to. So he asks his sisters for help in exchange for 5 Johnny Coupons. After he's done mowing the lawn he brags about his mower to Dark Vegan, who then decides to challenge him to a race. So Johnny, along with Dukey, Susan, Mary, and others, race with lawn mowers where the loser has to mow the winner's lawn forever.


  • Brain Freezer become evil again for unexplained reasons (or he is just being Brain Freezer because he likes to; he hasn't been seen committing evil acts since his reform, but rather enjoying competing against Johnny in the race episodes).
    • A future episode, however, showed Brain Freezer once again committing acts of evil alongside a reorganized Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5, meaning that Brain Freezer became evil again to maintain the series' status quo.
  • This is the only race Bling-Bling Boy hasn't participated in to date.
  • Running Gag: When the prospector appears and says "Don't touch me gold!", one character says "We don't want your gold!" and then the other says "Wait. How much gold are we talking about?"


  • The sky turns yellow in some scenes.



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