"I think you added too much barf!" -- Johnny

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"Li'l Johnny"
Season 1, Episode 11b
Li'l Johnny
United States Airdate: February 18, 2006
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"Johnny's Extreme Game Controller"
"Johnny vs. Brain Freezer"

Li'l Johnny is the second part of 11th episode and the 22th episode over all.


Johnny accidentally shrinks himself and Dukey into a sub-atomic universe while shrinking his toys. Unexpectedly, the nature of the universe turns against him.


Johnny is in his room, bored out of his mind playing with one of his Roboticles. Hugh then enters the room, coming through the window as Johnny's door is blocked by a mountain of his toys. He tells his son to pick up his toys (which leads him to put 2 action figures on his shelf and claim he's done), though Hugh tells Johnny to pick up all his toys (as his words echo, the entire house is shown to be covered in Johnny's toys). Hugh then climbs out of the window, promising to buy Johnny a new toy if he complies, which he realizes is ironic, but he restates the chore.

Outside, Johnny comes up to Dukey (who is scratching his back on the front lawn tree due to having a flea) and commands him to play "Pick Up All the Toys and Put Them Away". Dukey states he has a flea bath at 2:00 and refuses to help his owner with his "little problem". Upon hearing that, Johnny decides to get Susan and Mary to give him a shrink ray in order to shrink his toys down so they'll be out of sight, leaving Dukey amazed that he got all that just from "little problem".

In the Lab, Johnny enters to find Susan's head on Mary's body and, upon being told not to ask, asks for the shrink ray. Susan informs him that the Amazing Turbo Action Backpack has a shrinking function, and he takes the backpack off a wall of their other inventions and leaves to put his plan into action. Mary then questions which twin's head is on the other twin's body, having forgotten.



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