Lila Test
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Gender Female
Age 38 (undetermined)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Teal
Aliases Mom
Personality Kind, friendly, motherly, protective,

understanding, responsible

Friends Hugh Test,Johnny Test,Susan Test,Mary Test,Dukey,Gil Nexdor
Enemies Everyone who takes her electronics away. This could also be part of banning their children.
Alignment Good
Love Interest Hugh Test (Husband)
Likes Her family, responsability, kindness,good behaviors & manners,Johnny being polite
Dislikes Johnny being rude,irresponsabillity, bad manners,her husband’s meatloafs, things going wrong
Family Johnny Test (son)
Susan Test (daughter)
Mary Test (daughter)
Hugh Test (husband)
Pets Dukey
First Appearance Pilot Episode (promo only)
Voiced by Kathleen Barr
"I think you added too much barf!" -- Johnny

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Lillian 'Lila' Test is the mother of Johnny, Susan, and Mary and wife of Hugh, but she on the other hand is Johnny's Chauffeur. She is a businesswoman, though her specific profession is never explained aside from the fact she works in finance. Due to the demands of her job, Mrs. Test isn't seen at home as often as the rest of the family does, but her family always comes first and she never misses out on vacations and family events, despite the fact she always manages to take her work with her one way or another.


Lila has short wavy brown hair and teal eyes with thin eyelashes on the side and are up. She wears what appears to be a business suit which she wears for work or rather than just an oxford blue collarless sweater with a matching skirt, and a picture of blue buttons. She also wears a white shirt with a collar sticking out of her suit, a dark red necklace, maroon earrings, and maroon colored high heeled shoes. Occasionally, she wears two different swimsuits: the first is a blue and pink striped shirt, short denim shorts, and pink heels, the second is a red leopard skin one-piece bathing suit with red sandals.


Lila can be a nice woman who often cares about her family, including Dukey. She is not a fan of Hugh's meatloaf like the rest of the family. She can be helpful sometimes, even when Johnny needs help getting a Science project for his science fair, she helps him break into the lab and get the flytrap during Johnny Lock Down. She loves going on expensive vacations and mostly gets into fights with Hugh Test with trying to get him into going to her vacation desires and instead of cheap camping sites. She often hates people who would steal or break her devices and wouldn't let anyone hurt her kids, that goes for Johnny, the Girls and Dukey. She could be clever than her family, but can never outsmart Johnny even once. It is possible that Lila does not like Hugh punishing their children because Hugh is going crazy.