"Magic Johnny"
Season 5, Episode 23a
Magic johnny
United States Airdate: June 06, 2012
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Magic Johnny is the first part of 90th episode and the 179th episode over all.


Johnny becomes Johnny the Amazingly Amazing magician thanks to Susan and Mary's invention the Magi-nator. But when Johnny's success takes him to Paris where he makes the Eiffel Tower disappear, his magical talents unexpectedly disappears and the French want their landmark back.



  • Running Gags: Johnny saying "Pazam" whenever he does something that's magic; Gil and Bumper appearing at Paris magically by Johnny, believing they're in their almost-naked dream.
  • When Susan and Mary explain that the bacon that Johnny magically pulled from behind Dukey's ear is actualy atoms, her tablet shows the chemical abbreviations for Barium (Ba), Cobalt (Co) and Nitrogen (N).
  • Johnny makes the statue of Jebadiah Porkbelly disappear, When it reappears, it has been turned to the left 90 degrees.
  • While in Paris, Susan and Mary are shown wearing their casual outfits but without their lab coats and with berets.
  • Jebadiah Porkbelly, the founder of Porkbelly, was a reference to Jebadiah Springfield from The Simpsons who also founded Springfield. But, in "Old School Johnny", Mr. Teacherman mentioned that Porkbelly was named after the pig farms, which may found this confusing how Porkbelly got founded then.


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