Merry Listmas is a song sung by the Test Family in "A Holly Johnny Christmas, as a way of explaining what they want for Christmas.


Johnny: The Holidays are hoppin'
Hugh and Lila: We're back from Winter shoppin'
Susan and Mary: So grab a pen and paper or jump on the computer
Johnny: Before you Merry Christmas
Write down your Merry Listmas
Racing cars, candy bars, new video games
Lila: A Homemade scarf, homemade card
Hugh: A family that is sane
Mary: Plutonium
Susan: Magnesium
Dukey (spoken): I just want bacon.
Johnny: No clothes, no clothes
I don't want clothes at all!
Hugh: Jewelry? Jewelry?!
Lila: It can be something small
Mary: More lab mice
Susan: Genes to splice
Both: A Gil that's 10 feet tall (They swoon.)
Dukey (spoken): Again, I just want bacon.
Johnny: The Holidays are here
So your list, it must be clear
So save some room on top for the thing you want a lot
Johnny, Dukey, Susan and Mary: Cuz you can't Merry Christmas
No, you can't Merry Christmas if you have your Merry Liissttmmmaaasss! Whoo!
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