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"I think you added too much barf!" -- Johnny

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Montague is a small, lab rat, experimented on by Susan and Mary Test. He was also given the ability to talk, like Dukey. His obsession with cheese and world domination, and this is also to be known to do something about with Anarchy and its speeches, it is obvious in many episodes. Montague is a parody of Brain from Pinky and the Brain because of his wish to rule the world. His voice was slightly different in the episode Johnny's Royal Flush for some unknown reason. He is also seen in the episode Tom & Johnny where he somewhat helps out the gang by unstunning them (minus Albert and Hugh).


Montague's appearance is a small, grey mouse with a pink nose, and ears. He is usually seen wearing a robins-egg blue cape, armed with a kebab skewer as a weapon. In the episode Tom and Johnny, Montague was also seen wearing a yellow green suit, resembling those armors from the Halo series. He is slightly chubby, compared to some mice.


  • "A maze? You want me to run through a maze? For you!?!?"
  • "It's time to stick it to the man! I mean cat! I mean, ANARCHY!"
  • "Yo te quiero, infinito!"
  • "Or I could use it, to take over the world!"


  • He is always obsessed with cheese
  • He is named after the Montagues, the family that Romeo is part of in William Shakesphere's tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.
  • How he began to be obsessed with anarchy and domination is unknown, though he may have developed these obsessions after the girls experimented on him.
  • His common phrase is "Anarchy!".
  • It's possible that his last name is Mouse. This is said in Tom and Johnny, where he exclaims: "Now who's laughing at Montague Mouse now!"
  • His first appearance was in Johnny's Big Dumb Sisters.


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