Mr. Black and Mr. White are secret government agents who works the General. Mr. Black and Mr. White are always at the Tests' house getting Susan and Mary to build them new inventions. They were voiced by Bill Mondy and Scott McNeil.


Both of them are mutants, which was revealed in the episode Power-Punch Man. Being mutants has given them the power to shoot ropes out of their hands. It is unknown how they can shoot them, but it seems that they shoot out when they flick their wrists. (This is a reference to the method Spider-Man uses to shoot webs from his hands).


They both wear fedoras, black suits underneath white shirts and black ties and mirror sunglasses matching stereotypical government agents. Mr.White is African-American and Mr.Black is Caucasian and they both have short hair and the two defined jaws. Sometimes, they can be seen wearing earpieces, which further symbolizes their occupations as government agents.


  • Ironically, Mr. White's skin color is black, the opposite his name, he is African American.
  • He knows how to dance.
  • In his debut, he was an enemy of the Tests but quickly became a good friend.
  • Mr. Black has got white skin and white hair, which is ironic since his name is Mr. Black.
  • In his debut, he was an enemy of the Tests but quickly became a good friend.
  • Memnock, a character from Scott Fellow's newest cartoon, Bill Mondy played both of their roles.
  • Supernoobs has many things in common with Mr. Black and is possibly inspired by Mr. Black. Both characters love cooking, hang out with another agent, work under orders from a general, and both characters are voiced by Bill Mondy.
  • Mr. Black and Mr. White bare a striking resemblance to the Men in Black.
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