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"Oh my gosh! , this is bad!" – Dukey

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"Old School Johnny"
Season 4, Episode 10a
United States Airdate: February 18, 2010
Canada Airdate: January 7, 2010
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"Johnny Get Yer Gum"
"Johnny Degrees Below Zero"
"Johnny, wait!" – Susan

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Old school Johnny is the first part of 49th episode and the 97th episode over all.


Johnny uses his sisters' teahouse time machine to travel back to 1845 when school was easier, but he gets stuck there because the power supply for the Turbo Time Travel Teahouse is drained and replacement power supply's hasn't been invented yet. The sisters and Johnny try to find technology that will power the teahouse to get them back home; unfortunately, all the technology that can be used is outdated.


  • In the scene where Johnny, Susan, Mary, and Dukey are at the courthouse in a attempt to channel lightning to charge the teahouse time machine's batteries , references to the 1985 film "Back to the Future", where Marty and Doc use the same idea to transport Marty back to 1985 from 1955.

Production Notes

  • According to the credits, Warner Bros. Entertainment still owns its trademark and copyrights to Johnny Test.




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