Phat Johnny is the second part of 18th episode and the 36th episode over all.

"Phat Johnny"
Season 2, Episode 5b
United States Airdate: December 3, 2006
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"Johnny's Pet Day"
"The Revenge of Johnny X"


An accident in Bling-Bling's lab makes Johnny as fat as he is, and he is ridiculed until he becomes a rapper using his obese size for fame.

Full Summary

Johnny and Dukey want to buy Smash Badger 3, but there was an inflation of the price. Johnny called the cashier fat, then Dukey warned him about "Karma". He asked Bling Bling for money. He would give it to Johnny if he tested his energy bar. It made Johnny and Bling Bling extremely muscular. When Johnny left, his body was reverted to normal, except Bling Bling's scientist use Bling Bling's DNA, so Johnny is fat like him. A producer makes Johnny a rapper, Phat Johnny. Since Johnny is at so many concerts, he doesn't have time to play Smash Badger and he is mauled by screaming fans. There was an accident and Johnny ends up back at Bling Bling's lab. The Monkey Growth Hormone falls over and it cures Johnny.


  • Running Gags: Someone calling Johnny phat/fat and saying there's a difference between the two: When Johnny suggests using the Monkey Growth hormone, the genius in the room doesn't listen to him: Karma happens to Johnny, and someone always say the word karma: The catgirls asking people for a donation.
  • The $3 Johnny gets for the big bunch of games is a joking reference to Gamestop's low trade-in credit.
  • The two girls that wanted Johnny to donate money for the Porkbelly cat shelter from this episode also make various cameo appearances in some of the other episodes, occasionally as students in Mr. Teacherman's class.
  • In the real world, the way the two girls were following Johnny around and pestering him for a donation until he relented would be considered stalking and panhandling, both illegal activities.
  • In the scene where Johnny walked out the alley with only one shoe on from being attacking by stray cats, this is the second time Johnny walks around barefoot in his shoes.
  • This the second time Johnny becomes muscular. (Johnny vs Bling Bling Boy)
  • This marks the debut of Game Galaxy and Fillmore, the main clerk.




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