Normal Repto Slicer

"I think you added too much barf!" -- Johnny

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Repto Slicer is a blue lizard-like being that was originally created by Bling-Bling Boy. He first appeared in The Return of Johnny X. Bling-Bling wanted a pet for himself, but didn't want a dog, he wanted something unique. And thus, Repto Slicer was born. However, Bling-Bling was a terrible owner to Repto Slicer, as he kept him in a dark closet and barely fed him. Because of this, Repto Slicer went on a rampage and attacked the town. Later, Johnny Test tames him and keeps him as a pet. In the episode Johnny and Dark Vegan's Battle Brawl Mania, Dark Vegan says that Repto Slicer looks like a creature from the Planet Razorium. For that, Repto Slicer is sent to Razorium where he is happy.


Repto Slicer, when he is calm, has his claws sheathed and looks like a blue lizard. When he feels threatened, or is exposed to freedom, he shows his claws and has various sharp blades protruding from his body. His tongue even has a resemblace to a chain saw. He apparently loves to shred things, as he has shredded many people down to their underwear. He shredded Mr. Black and Mr. White's clothes into bikinis, as well as shredded Dukey into a poodle.


Reptoslicer (Enrage)

Repto Slicer with sharp blades and claws

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