"Return of Johnny'mon"
Season 3, Episode 12a
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United States Airdate: February 23, 2008
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Return of Johnny'Mon is the 75th episode of the Johnny Test cartoon, and the 23rd episode of Season 3. It first aired in USA on February 23, 2008.


The episode begins with showing a recap how Susan and Mary sent Johnny and Dukey into the Tiny'mon game. When Johnny gets ready to play Tiny'mon Jade Version, his dad tells him he needs to go outside. After Johnny finishes the game, his father takes the console away and grounds him. He accidentally transported himself inside the game. Johnny, Dukey, Susan, and Mary transport in the Tiny'mon world and Blast says that he'll challenge a fight with them at the Colosseum.

Major Events

  • Johnny, Dukey, Susan, Mary enter the Tiny'mon world once more.
  • Hugh Test enters the Tiny'mon world for the first time and becomes a Tiny'mon, known as Imhisdad.
  • Blast Ketchup challenges Johnny to another Colosseum fight.
  • Screechereen devolves back to Cuddlebuns.
  • Mymuttdogg and Imhisdad evolve into Dukandra and Dadoomerang.
  • Johnny becomes Mega Tiny'mon master.
  • Blast Ketchup visits Johnny's world for the first time.


Tiny'Mon Debuts





  • Running gags: Dukey saying he's not a Tiny'mon; Hugh saying he heard Dukey speaking, but being ignored.
  • This is the second episode to feature Tiny'Mon and be based on Pokemon, after Johnny'mon.
  • Johnny's console is based on GBA-SP, except for the fact that it has 4 screens instead of one. In fact, no 4-screen handhelds exist in real-life, the most being 2, on the Nintendo DS and its successors.
  • This marks Blast Ketchup, Ed and Screechereen's last appearances to date.


  • After 9 hours passed since Johnny started playing Tiny'mon, it's still daylight outside, although, after 9 hours, it should be at least sunset.
  • Johnny also plays 3 hours outside, and yet, when he comes home, it's still daylight outside, and, if Hugh still prepares the dinner at 5 o'clock, the time would be maximum 8 o'clock.
    • That would mean that Johnny started playing Tiny'mon somewhere between 5 and 8 in the morning.
    • That would also mean that Johnny skipped school. However, the fact that Hugh forced him to play outside suggests it is a weekend day. 


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