Road Burn

Roadburn was a sentient monster truck and one of Bling-Bling Boy's inventions made to impress Susan. He only appeared in Johnny and the Attack of the Monster Truck.


He is able to breath fire out of his mouth. it has emotions and he don`t treat with rude people well, infect, it can get out of control. (like the time that bling-bling kicks it) He seems to be more powerful than any normal monster truck, he can crush monster trucks as if they are little cars,withstand flame throwers and missiles and can even push back 3 monster trucks.


The Roadburn came to life due to Bling-Bling Boy not realizing that Monster Truck aren't actual monsters. As a result it attacked all kinds of monster trucks.

He continued to eat monster trucks. He even went to the junk yard and attacked Johnny and his friends. He falls in love with Ginger, a female pink Monster Truck that is also alive. He marries the female monster truck and they both had a young Monster Truck who is also alive and green. Roadburn reforms and lets his son be driven by Johnny and Dukey.

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