Robo Guards are robots designed by Wacko. They only appeared in the episode Cool Hand Johnny.



Robo Guards are light blue robots with triangular treads for feet. For their heads, they have eyes resembling shades, a dark blue beard, and mouths that glow a green color whenever they speak. They have hats modeled after sheriffs hats with a yellow "W", standing for "Wacko". On their torsos, They have panels on the left and right sides resembling pockets with the Wacko logo in the middle. On the bottom right of their torsos, purple nightsticks can be seen, but they're aren't used.


Robo Guards were programmed to capture all the kids in Porkbelly, especially Johnny Test. After Johnny got the No Escape game mailed by door, he begins playing, and notices the robots aren't taking damage. The two Robo Guards escape from the game and try to capture Johnny and Dukey. The two robots were then frozen by Susan and Mary, and the gang notices an army of Robo Guards roaming the streets. Johnny, Dukey, Susan and Mary then go outside, freeze the robots and destroy them. The Robo Guards are then rebuilt, this time into a larger, four-armed robot and then capture Johnny and Dukey into the No Escape game. Later, Susan and Mary use the armor of the Robo Guards they froze earlier in their lab and disguise themselves to break Johnny and Dukey out of the virtual prison. The Robo Guards were later seen alongside Wacko chasing Johnny, Dukey, Susan and Mary, until Susan and Mary found a way reprogrammed them to chase Wacko by getting them into once place and using a picture of Wacko from the internet. At the end of the episode, the robots are seen playing cards with him in a prison cell.


"Get Johnny Test."

"Get Wacko."

"There is no escape."

"Hello Max, hello Chad."

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