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Robopals are toys that were given out by Wacko in Johnny's Turbo Toy Force to get rid of all the children by placing them under house arrest.


They are strong, fast, and have artificial intelligence. They can mutate and turn bigger and nastier and they have hidden weapons. Luckily, they have a weakness and it`s their batteries where were on the back of them and like any other toys, they stop and turn off without them.


It was a toy invented by Wacko, to get rid of all the children by placing them under house arrest. Advertised in a commercial, it was said that this robot can play with kids and be their best friend.Supposedly, kids were supposed to enter a contest for the chance to win one. As it turned out, however, they were sent to every child in town. It soon became clear that the evil toys were created to trap kids in their rooms until they were adults. While the executives of his company worried that the parents turn against the toys, the fact that they acted as babysitter so the parents could do what they pleased proved them wrong. Eventually Johnny, Dukey, Susan and Mary stopped the evil toys with the help of the Turbo Toys.

They also appear in Johnny's New BFF in attempt to destroy Bumper (which they failed and escaped like Susan and Mary).


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